Towards a Forward

Sunday, 11 October 2020 I am always curious whether artists feel it is important for their work to be exhibited; whether it is at all important for others to see, hear, or otherwise experience what they create. As someone interested in psychology and spirituality, I understand a core driver and human desire to be that […]

Ordinary and Kind

Take my hand, you who are unimportant and unaccomplished.Insignificant and incomplete. I, too, have accomplished nothing outstanding.Nothing remarkable.Have only grasped at the exceptional. Walk with me, and let us achieve nothing together.Let us breathe the free air.Let us be still. The Man said we’re not enough.The Church said we’re not enough.Society said we’re not enough.I […]

Twentytwenty (a hindsight poem)

I want to give you a hand, a greeting, perhaps a warm smilebut I make up some dangers‘never talk to strangers’Not yet wise enough, for relationships worthwhile I want to tell you we all make mistakes, it’s okaybut I’m not always that niceso from my lips fall adviceNot yet wise enough, to know what to […]

Living in a Changed World

How do I begin to write about living in a changed world? What do I share? What do I leave out? Why write anything at all? As I slump back onto the couch, laptop humming against my chest, I stare into the grey world beyond my small apartment window; pondering. It is raining softly. For […]