Starbucks (or, ‘Every other day since May of 2019’)

I was wiping down the coffee bar when I noticed a colleague’s voice: “They should really lift these stupid restrictions. The weather’s nice. People want to have fun, you know? What did you get up to this weekend?”

I paused, eyes still fixed on the soapy yellow cloth in a now stationary hand.

Past my eyes whirred hundreds of images. I saw my birth. I saw cells dividing and multiplying; The evolution of organic life. Spirit permeating matter. I saw devastating weather events, deadly pollution, pandemics, recessions, famine, war… societal collapse. I saw intelligent life contending for precious and scarce resources. I saw abductions, experiments and intervention; The nature of Nature. I saw a lineage of Messengers helping us find our way. I saw my inevitable death and yet more time; Teachers preparing eager students for the lessons of a momentary life. Endless cycles of service and relationship. I saw a long journey; Boundless steps up a mountain of Mystery. I saw myself in stillness sending love, strength, courage and awareness to fellow pilgrims. To me. I saw the great need to Know.

The café jazz once more lured me from reflection as I lifted my head, tenderly looking at my fellow being.

“You know… The usual… How do you feel?”

The coffee smells nice.