Ordinary and Kind

Take my hand, you who are unimportant and unaccomplished.
Insignificant and incomplete.

I, too, have accomplished nothing outstanding.
Nothing remarkable.
Have only grasped at the exceptional.

Walk with me, and let us achieve nothing together.
Let us breathe the free air.
Let us be still.

The Man said we’re not enough.
The Church said we’re not enough.
Society said we’re not enough.
I said we’re not enough.

Day by day I fabricate profound drivel.
Ever in search of approval.

Yet my own forgiveness this insincerity denies.
And anew I hurt inside.

The oppressor observes…
If I’m unproductive today, I’ll surely be incompetent tomorrow.

I am overburdened. Afraid.
Paralysed by own ideals…

…the pain of failure perhaps my greatest reflection.

No longer do I want to be special…
…simply honest.

Come, take my hand, and let’s be enough together.

Here we can be ordinary and kind.