Social call (or, ‘I don’t really know what to say to you’)

Heeeeey brooo! What’cha upto, buddy? You busy? You wanna grab a few brews tonight? Chill out?

What I want to say:

Hey. Thank you for the invitation. I’m just doing a lot of inner work at the moment, you know? I need to rest my body from the wear of my laborious job – where I try to make ends meet – while also building a career of real value to me. I’m practicing to still my mind, so I can find reprieve from the torture of self-defeating narratives, and not criticize myself into any further despondence. I’m trying to live a healthy life. I’ve worked hard to abstain from toxic social influence; indulging in the blissful avoidance of guilt and shame. Instead, I am forced to face the painful reality of solitary change and growth, so I can strive to make my contribution to a world in need of universal service and compassion. The festival is over; the bill has arrived; most are still intoxicated. So, I’m sorry; I miss the good old times, too – sometimes very much – but I’ve raced down that road many times before, and had to walk back all the way; miles and miles. I just don’t have the strength to face my own demons, and also sate yours. I’m pretty tired already. Let me know when you’re tired.

What I end up saying:

Oh, hey man… Yeah… sorry dude… I know… I always decline… I just have a lot going on… How about a coffee? Ah, you rather gonna hook up with those other guys for drinks? Okay man. Maybe next time. Take care.