Prayer of My Inner Child

Dear God,

I’m sorry I don’t know you.
I’ve tried… I still try… Pain and resentment makes it hard.
I’m sorry I don’t love you as much as your other children do.
They seem to get something I don’t. Maybe they’ll stop fighting over you.
I’m sorry I don’t love you as much as you apparently love me.
I know… sarcasm is childish. But I am a child… a pretty scared one mostly.
I’m sorry I don’t get any of this religion stuff. It always felt dishonest to me. Just saying.
All I ever cared about was to love others and accept them for who they are.
I’m told it isn’t enough. I guess that means I’m not enough.
Maybe I’ll get to know you one day and we’ll see.
I’m not very good at life, but I’ll keep trying.