Twentytwenty (a hindsight poem)

I want to give you a hand, a greeting, perhaps a warm smile
but I make up some dangers
‘never talk to strangers’
Not yet wise enough, for relationships worthwhile

I want to tell you we all make mistakes, it’s okay
but I’m not always that nice
so from my lips fall advice
Not yet wise enough, to know what to say

I want to make a contribution in a world I can assist
but I was tired after work
money my numbing perk
Not yet wise enough, to know when I resist

I want to warn you about a world no longer free
but instead I choose regret
so you won’t be upset
Not yet wise enough, to really help you see

I want to allow myself to accept the good within
but with all this insanity
a slipping faith in humanity
Not yet wise enough, so my patience runs thin

I want to share with you a greater community of life
but I rather sit with a frown
your ridicule wears me down
Not yet wise enough, to persevere in times of strife

I want to learn from those who’ve experienced all
but there’s so much left to do
hey, I have a life too
Not yet wise enough, to heed their humble call

I want to proceed on my journey, a necessary prep
but this dream is so deep
just a little more sleep
Not yet wise enough, to take the next step

I want to be still, because in silence I can hear
but I pour another wine
because ‘there’s always time’
Not yet wise enough, to face my greatest fear

I want to create one more thing before twentytwenty comes home
so even as a fool
despondence my worn tool
I pulled myself together, sat down, and wrote this poem